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Turning shit into fertilizer.


This post made me wonder just how lost and mixed up you have to be
when you are asking for "hexing" advice on livejournal.

It also got me thinking about the kind of person who feels that this is the
way to handle what appears to be an overall sense of powerless and
frustration in their own life.
Don't seek the answers within. Don't try to get your own shit together.
Blame your fucked up self on someone else and seek the quick fix through
"hexing". Yes. That'll sure teach the big bad whomever a lesson.

Good Lord what melodramatic teen nonsense.

Leo Martello gave me some great advice about these very people nearly
ten years ago. He told me "turn their shit into fertilizer."
I've always loved that advice. I've always lived by it. I always will. :)

Thanks Leo. :)
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As I begin a new part of my life

*** Some may know it other's won't I have a condition that has forced me to get sterilized, which in my case will force me into change of life. So, here I am at 23 and planning to begin Coning rites except that I have no idea how to make this a symbolic and meaningful change instead of just a painful operation. I really could use some ideas.
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