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20th April 2005

tigerman11:18pm: Special Shamanic EventCollapse )

31st March 2005

leswamp6:13pm: Orderly tricksters!?
LOL..the irony of this made me wanna mention it here.

A friend pointed me to a lj community soley for kitsunes.

This made me laugh because it's an extremely snooty affair with invites only, a strong aura of "we're better than yoooooou are" and a stern warning not to endulge in any fluff or humor whatsoever because apparently Inari don't approve of such shenanigans. :)

Last time I looked kitsune were basically tricksters.

Furthermore, just about every fox and every kitsune I've ever known, (Yes yes yes I know they are not the same thing.) has been an irreverent chowderhead very much like myself. :)

I imagine running such a lofty and "serious" forum must be like herding a bunch of orange cats in cheap chinatown polyester kimonos. :))

It's a silly job but I'm guessing someone felt they really needed to do it. :)

28th March 2005

tigerman11:59pm: April Shamanic EventsCollapse )

11th March 2005

tigerman1:55am: March Drumming CircleCollapse )

11th February 2005

tigerman12:56am: February Shamanic CircleCollapse )

11th January 2005

tigerman11:09am: January Drumming Circle InfoCollapse )

31st December 2004

lupini9:27am: This is a quote from an email I received about doing global-type healing work today (12/31) and tomorrow. Sorry, I don't have any more information, and I've yet to find a web site that provides more info, and I'm sure it's too late to contact them by email. But I'm posting this in case anyone would like to use the intention of connecting to this global process. I won't be able to dedicate 24 hours, but some friends and I will be getting together for a few hours and plan on tapping into this.

Details behind the cutCollapse )

cross posted to shamanism and healers_circle communities.

11th October 2004

symbola11:34pm: Sometimes
The hardest thing to do is to face the bridges you burned in the past, fix what you can and move on knowing you did your best.
Current Mood: blah

26th September 2004

leswamp3:12am: Turning shit into fertilizer.

This post made me wonder just how lost and mixed up you have to be
when you are asking for "hexing" advice on livejournal.

It also got me thinking about the kind of person who feels that this is the
way to handle what appears to be an overall sense of powerless and
frustration in their own life.
Don't seek the answers within. Don't try to get your own shit together.
Blame your fucked up self on someone else and seek the quick fix through
"hexing". Yes. That'll sure teach the big bad whomever a lesson.

Good Lord what melodramatic teen nonsense.

Leo Martello gave me some great advice about these very people nearly
ten years ago. He told me "turn their shit into fertilizer."
I've always loved that advice. I've always lived by it. I always will. :)

Thanks Leo. :)

14th September 2004

foxiecrumz6:33pm: Strange Den Comic Strip.

The comic strip Strange Den finally has it’s own livejournal.

Strange Den is about poly/furry/pagan/alternative parenting
and communal living among other things.
Check it out and friend it if you like. Thanks! :)

PS—any moderators that have a problem with me promoting this
in their community, please let me know and I will delete this post.
Thanks! :)

13th September 2004

symbola8:47pm: As I begin a new part of my life
*** Some may know it other's won't I have a condition that has forced me to get sterilized, which in my case will force me into change of life. So, here I am at 23 and planning to begin Coning rites except that I have no idea how to make this a symbolic and meaningful change instead of just a painful operation. I really could use some ideas.
Current Mood: thoughtful

31st August 2004

kalhara10:57am: Home protection things
Since I've been moving my life from place to place over the last few weeks, the subject of home protection magick has been on my mind. Do any of you folks have favorite workings that you do for protection, defense, etc.? What do you like to use for such things? How do you take roommates into consideration?
Current Mood: curious

30th August 2004

leswamp10:59pm: "Hey! Somebody's gonna get hurt with that thing! "
I have recently encountered the idea that protection spells
must be done during daylight hours for maximum effectiveness.
The reasoning being solar power for best possible energy
source and light for being able to see by to avoid danger.

I myself much prefer nighttime work and consider darkness
something to hide from danger in pretty well. ;)

Do you guys have a preference and if so, why?
Current Mood: working

22nd August 2004

symbola12:33pm: More crap from the Crazies
**** A couple of days have gone by, no real trouble thus far. I'm in the clear right? Wrong! The woman called the Health Dept with a false report that we had Rats and our house was a health Hazard. Yeah Right! Not teh case thnak you very much. I travel enough that I'm not home often enough to make a mess never mind having rats. It's gone way too far, all of this. I'm exausted.
Current Mood: annoyed

21st August 2004

foxiecrumz7:03pm: You are only as good as your word.
I have never betrayed any confidence I’ve ever sworn myself to.
When asked to keep a secret I keep it.
Even when I really wish I didn’t know the secret.
I will keep any confidence made to me while of sound mind until such
time as I am released from that confidence. (IE as long as you are not
planning to kill anyone or similar, your secret is safe with me.)
Regardless of what happened between myself and anyone else,
if I promised to keep a confidence, it remains safe with me.
No matter what.
I treat the privacy and secrets of others with the same reverence and
respect I want my own secrets and privacy to be treated with.
Why is keeping one’s word so important? Maybe it’s because we come
into this world with nothing but our flesh and if we’re fortunate, our voice
and our "self." As long as we have a brain and a soul and we take care
of them both, whatever happens to the flesh that "self" is the most important
thing that we have and the only thing we can hope to keep.
The rest is transitory.
All the DVDs and shiny things in the world won’t fill that hole should we fail
to honor that self. We’re not islands. We’re all interconnected.
The importance of keeping one’s word is intrinsic to the principle of keeping
true to one’s own self. When you betray a confidence made in faith you betray
much more than one person. You are really socking it to yourself.
It’s old and worn but the saying is true.
We really are only as good as our word. Those who break their promises
thoughtlessly, carelessly or even from spite and anger are taking out a huge
chunk of their own selves. All the platitudes and justifications they present
to themselves and others won’t fill the whistling void inside themselves.
It won’t matter how much time, gossip, effort, money or frantic denial they
expend in their attempts to drown it out or plug the hole.
It’s a miserable way to go and I pity those who can’t figure it out. I’m grateful
I have the mental and emotional tools required to keep such people at a
reasonable distance.
Most of all I thank the powers that be and those who serve as my
moral compass in this world because you guys keep me from playing in traffic
too often to count and have inspired me to avoid tearing any gaping holes in my
own self.
Thanks for helping me learn and know these things.
Thank you for relying on me and in turn permitting me to rely on you in faith.
You may continue to rely on me for the rest of our lives. :)

19th August 2004

symbola9:06am: It's not a full moon, why am I dealing with all the crazies?
*** From telemarketers that are calling my house looking for someone I've never heard of and threatening me with legal proceedings if I didn't give them the info on this as far as I'm considered non existant person whom I've never heard of, to oodles of drunk drivers to my soon-to-be-ex-roomate's exroomate's mother who came with her to pick up things she left last night causing a physical altercation in my home! THe woman is definitely mentally disabled, however she waltzed into my bedroom claiming that the cage my parrot is in was hers (it's not,Petco, 55.00) when we would't take the bird out she shoved my girlfriend aside and picked up the cage with my parrot in it and proceeded to shove her way out of the room. :sigh: The chief of police is getting to know me all too well. Heh, at least I'm not on his shit side! Add on top of that, she ruined my ancestors altar and crashed my devotional altar. Water and flowers everywhere and almost a fire from the candles burning. why me? This fall is gearing up to be a busy and exciting one.
*** On a more magickial note, my house protections pretty much burned themselves out during all this and I fewel close to a wet rag again. Will I ever get teh time and space to recharge?
Current Mood: annoyed
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