Orderly tricksters!?

LOL..the irony of this made me wanna mention it here.

A friend pointed me to a lj community soley for kitsunes.

This made me laugh because it's an extremely snooty affair with invites only, a strong aura of "we're better than yoooooou are" and a stern warning not to endulge in any fluff or humor whatsoever because apparently Inari don't approve of such shenanigans. :)

Last time I looked kitsune were basically tricksters.

Furthermore, just about every fox and every kitsune I've ever known, (Yes yes yes I know they are not the same thing.) has been an irreverent chowderhead very much like myself. :)

I imagine running such a lofty and "serious" forum must be like herding a bunch of orange cats in cheap chinatown polyester kimonos. :))

It's a silly job but I'm guessing someone felt they really needed to do it. :)
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This is a quote from an email I received about doing global-type healing work today (12/31) and tomorrow. Sorry, I don't have any more information, and I've yet to find a web site that provides more info, and I'm sure it's too late to contact them by email. But I'm posting this in case anyone would like to use the intention of connecting to this global process. I won't be able to dedicate 24 hours, but some friends and I will be getting together for a few hours and plan on tapping into this.

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