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The Watch Tower

Friday, April 14th - 7:15 - 9:30 PM
Location: The Children's Aid Society- 219 Sullivan St. NYC

Celebrate Spirit, learn the basic techniques of core shamanism, meet your Spirit Guides, deepen your shamanic practice, drum, chant, move and above all, have fun.

Please bring along a drum or a rattle, a pen & notepad, and a bandanna.
Free/suggested donation $10.

Call Itzhak at 212-533-0909 or email:
Sunday, April 2nd - from 2:00 to 4:15 pm (door closes at 2:15 - no late comers)
Location: "Yoga to the People", 12 St. Marks Place (at 3rd Ave.)

In a sacred space of trust, encouragement, respect and personal growth we will honor the divine feminine and our powers to heal the world, our communities and ourselves. Each month our shamanic work will involve working with our bodies, souls and spirits in accordance with the seasons.

Please bring along a drum or a rattle, a pen & notepad, and a bandanna.
Free/Suggested donation $10.

call Christina at 718-755-8078 or email:

Sunday, April 16th - 1:45 to 5:00 PM
Location: The Barrow Group, 312 West 36th Street, 6th Fl. (Bet. 8th & 9th Ave.)
Note: Please use the first elevator when you walk inside the building

Open new doors for personal and communal healing. Come experience and practice healing meditations, breathing techniques. Explore ancient medicine wheel and see how it can affect your lives.

This month at the Healing Circle, we have the honor of welcoming back Manuel Peralta, from the NY Shamanic Circle, who will be facilitating and holding a ceremony creating prayer ties for the guardians of the thunder beings to deliver our prayers. We will also be doing breath work, body movement, and ending the ceremony with song and dance.

Please bring a mat, a bottle of water, a musical instrument of choice, your journal or notebook and a pen or pencil.

Free/suggested donation $15.

Email: or call 718-396-4246
Shipibo Konibo- A Rite of Passage (2005, 95 minutes)

Directed by William Malten

The film is about a coming of age ceremony for girls with the Shipibo tribe on the endanger Amazon River of Peru. The film touches on the role of ceremony and ayahuasca shamanism in the tribe. Music by Correo Aereo and Gene Hackman, voiceover.

There will be a discussion after the screening

Director site:

Call Itzhak Beery 212-533-0909

The Sun Circle- Men's Workshop
Embrace the Power of the Father to find yours

with Itzhak Beery

Saturday April 22, 2006
1:00 ? 6pm

$125 - reservation required
Location: 83 Leonard Street #4 fl. NYC

Embracing our central role as warriors, hunters, healers, wisdom keepers and courier of tribal vision and tradition, we will celebrate Father Sun. We will explore the Sun, which embodies the sacred male universal power source of many ancient traditions. The spirit of the Sun God, the life giving and sustainer, the source of life and the light courier which without its warmth and energy Mother earth would not be able to nurture us.

In this experiential workshop, through sacred earth honoring rituals, ceremonies, movement and shamanic journeys, we will explore the great mystery of the natural forces, and celebrate our inner Sun and fire in relation to our universe, communities, and ourselves.

In the safe company of brothers, sons, fathers, and elders, we will form a community, that can resolve and witness conflicts, sorrows and ecstasies, which will arise, and support our spiritual growth to lead us on the road of our souls, to live in harmony and align our power as men.

Itzhak Beery is a shamanic healer and workshop teacher. He was initiated by powerful shamans from Ecuador and the Brazilian Amazon; he also studied with other shamans from around the world. Itzhak is a co-founder of the NY Shamanic Circle and a co-founder of the Urban Gorillas - a men's support group since 1984, and led men's workshops.

For other information, go to the Circle site.

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