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Hi. I joined this community maybe a month ago. I'm interested in the concetp of guaridans as well as related topics such as spychic self defense, cleansing, banishing, conceptions of evil, being "energeticly hyginic" and so on.

I'm particularly interested in those mass meditations that happen on choice dates (such as the new year, solstices ect.). While the toughters of such events are often fluffy, the ideas behind them are often not. Occassionally, I do take part in these things when they come up.

In case you are interested, I have experienced psychic attacks before, but those may have been my own issues from the inside. I am no of the opinion that all things nonsphysical are good, and such attacks have sparked my interest in the self defense aspects of the metaphysicle. I have alo has some ezpierence with "guarding" an area. My neighborhood was once littered with nonphysicle creepy crawlies. They weren't just the unsealie or goblin type that did mischief or caused nightmares. They were into harrassing people, at least me, and seemed to want to swallow all the other energies in the area. I ended up asking/ calling in some other beings (might be termed as fea) that cleaned up the place in one night. It was wild.

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