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The Watch Tower

Blessing to all new and old members,
and many thanks for joining us in our monthly circles and workshops.
Here is what’s going on. Please pass our newsletter along
to people who might be interested in these events too.

The 7th Annual Shamanic Gathering in Central Park

Sunday, October 16, 2005 - 1 PM to Sunset
at The Great Hill
(between 103rd -106th Streets - Central Park West)

Join our earth honoring community and celebrate the spirit world. Come drum, sing, dance, journey and shapeshift with indigenous shamans. Please bring food & non-alcoholic drinks for potluck picnic. Also bring a rattle/drum, a notepad and pen/pencil, bandana & blanket. The event is free/donations accepted. Children are welcome! No raindate.

The NY Shamanic Circle proudly presents:
Shamanic Mask Welcoming Ceremony
Saturday, October 29, 2005
with Irma, Star Spirit Woman
Location: 83 Leonard Street, Manhattan

Join Irma, Star Spirit Woman, from the New York Shamanic Circle, as we hold our Mask Welcoming Ceremony. An entrance and place to bring your favorite mask, and bring your power animals and allies to share in a celebration of “betwixt and between” of shamanic performance realms.
The mask becomes a medium for personal healing, as well as reclamaton of Our willingness to stretch ourselves, to say Yes to all of it, is ultimately the path to compassion, interconnectedness, and genuine empowerment.

Let our Masks speak the knowledge that we have all come to share. Allowing for ceremonial rhythms and music, and to dance of the mask of self, bringing beauty into the circle, dancing with others, dance into ecstasy, into exhaustion, moving between the polarities as we learn that we are eternal shape shifters, and have embodied flash of insight, and a taste of freedom. We become conscious of each mask each self-moving, lightly within them and briefly touch that which lies beneath each mask. Transformation takes place through ritual inhabitation of the mask as the performer.

Saturday, October 29, 2005
4:00-8:00 PM
Location: 83 Leonard Street, Manhattan
To register contact Irma: Tel: (718) 396-4246
Email: or


The NY Shamanic Women’s Circle

Sunday, October 1st 4:00 - 6:00 PM
Location: TRS 44 East 32nd St. 11 Fl.

In a sacred space of trust, encouragement, respect and personal growth we will honor the divine feminine and our powers to heal the world, our communities and ourselves. Each month our shamanic work will involve working with our bodies, souls and spirits in accordance with the seasons. Please bring along a drum or a rattle, a pen & notepad, and a bandanna.
Suggested donation: $10; e-mail: or call Christina at 718-755-8078
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