Denise (lupini) wrote in localguard404,

Self-testing technique

Just thought I'd put out this site for a decent self-testing technique when checking if supplements, etc. are appropriate or not.

I've always had a problem with trying to test for myself (while in stores, etc.) since most of the tests have to do with force being applied. Using this technique, I started going around the house, testing supplements, household products, lotions, etc. I had some *very* interesting results in that things that I took for granted as being good got a resounding "no". Several of them were blends, so I may go to a store and test the individual ingredients and see if there wasn't something specific that is contraindicated, since I felt like it was doing some good.

What they don't mention in this page is what it means if you get no reaction--which I assume means that the item isn't good or bad, so use it if it pleases you.

Just another tool for the "Keep them Healthy" toolboxes out there.

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