leswamp (leswamp) wrote in localguard404,

Orderly tricksters!?

LOL..the irony of this made me wanna mention it here.

A friend pointed me to a lj community soley for kitsunes.

This made me laugh because it's an extremely snooty affair with invites only, a strong aura of "we're better than yoooooou are" and a stern warning not to endulge in any fluff or humor whatsoever because apparently Inari don't approve of such shenanigans. :)

Last time I looked kitsune were basically tricksters.

Furthermore, just about every fox and every kitsune I've ever known, (Yes yes yes I know they are not the same thing.) has been an irreverent chowderhead very much like myself. :)

I imagine running such a lofty and "serious" forum must be like herding a bunch of orange cats in cheap chinatown polyester kimonos. :))

It's a silly job but I'm guessing someone felt they really needed to do it. :)

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