August 19th, 2004

  • symbola

It's not a full moon, why am I dealing with all the crazies?

*** From telemarketers that are calling my house looking for someone I've never heard of and threatening me with legal proceedings if I didn't give them the info on this as far as I'm considered non existant person whom I've never heard of, to oodles of drunk drivers to my soon-to-be-ex-roomate's exroomate's mother who came with her to pick up things she left last night causing a physical altercation in my home! THe woman is definitely mentally disabled, however she waltzed into my bedroom claiming that the cage my parrot is in was hers (it's not,Petco, 55.00) when we would't take the bird out she shoved my girlfriend aside and picked up the cage with my parrot in it and proceeded to shove her way out of the room. :sigh: The chief of police is getting to know me all too well. Heh, at least I'm not on his shit side! Add on top of that, she ruined my ancestors altar and crashed my devotional altar. Water and flowers everywhere and almost a fire from the candles burning. why me? This fall is gearing up to be a busy and exciting one.
*** On a more magickial note, my house protections pretty much burned themselves out during all this and I fewel close to a wet rag again. Will I ever get teh time and space to recharge?
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