August 10th, 2004

  • leswamp

"Most everyone's mad here."

What do you all do when you see a newbie to an otherkin/occult/pagan or
other community being swooped down on by known psychos and nutjobs?
(As in nutjob swoops down in a –I’ll-answer-all-your-questions-be-your-
mentor-kind of way.)

I personally make a habit of doing very little about it other than make myself
available for contrast in a peripheral, non competitive sort of way. I don’t feel
like I can worry myself over every newbie the psychos swoop down on because
honestly, if it ain't one nut it’ll be another where newbies are concerned.
Newbies are like baby fish in that they have to learn to navigate the nutty waters
of the occult/new age/spiritism/etc communities without being eaten and at the
same time grow up to be big, strong, non-psycho fishies. I do my best to give
aid or guidance when it’s requested of me but otherwise it seems pointless and disrespectful to cram it down a newbie’s throat or even warn them off folks they
have not asked me my opinion of.

How do you guys handle this phenomenom when you notice it?
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  • leswamp

"Bushido my ass, you fat waddling nightmare!"

A friend of mine asked me a great question the other day.

"How does one ABUSE channeling?"

I used to know someone who "abused" channeling in that she
pretended to be whoever so as to manipulate and control the folks
around her.

That was pretty sickening and happens to be the only case of
"channeling" abuse I’ve ever seen or heard of.

That’s not really channeling abuse so much as it is being an

So that aside, what constitutes "channeling abuse" in your
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