August 8th, 2004


Since the "liberal media" has buried this story...

Seven Greenpeace activists were arrested Thursday at a protest site in the Tongass National Forest where they had chained themselves to road-building equipment.
The protesters were calling for a moratorium on large-scale logging operations on public lands WHICH MAKES BLOODY SENSE TO ME.
If the land is indeed public then why do corporations have the right to destroy it? Shouldn’t they at least have to buy the land first? Shouldn’t that formality be observed?
Meanwhile the current Bush regime wants to make governors in charge of how much forestland ought to be "protected." {Republican Gov. Frank Murkowski said he's a strong supporter of the timber industry in Southeast Alaska and criticized the Greenpeace tactics.} Right. You can see where that shite is going.
The Bush proposal would replace Clinton-era rules that protected 58.5 million of the 191 million acres of national forest. More than 14 million acres in Alaska, more than 2 million acres in Washington state and nearly 2 million acres in Oregon would be affected.

Let’s get Bush the fuck out of office, eh?