July 12th, 2004

"I'd offer to send you a postcard but who needs a picture of burned out buildings?"

The spirituality panel was fabulous and went on for 5 hours.
We had about 40 people packed into the space at 1 count.
Everyone was wonderful and I’m willing to do it again next year.
Until then the furrykin community here on livejournal can continue
threads we finally had to leave off on.
I’m also giving serious thought to proposing and running a panel
on piercings and tattoos next year since the number of attendees
with body art has really exploded into the high numbers.
My focus would be on the standard universal precautions expected of
responsible artists and the best-odds care of the tattoo or piercing after
the procedure has been performed. (As well as best odds corrective
measures for fading, lost ink, blurry lines, cover ups and other sorrows.)
I think it would be wonderful if I could get some artists to join me in running
a potential panel on the designing of furry themed tattoos as well but will
have to sniff around for folks willing to donate the time.
I’m confident they can be found. :)
Great anthrocon this year and my thanks to all who contributed towards
making it so with hard work and caring hearts.
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