June 16th, 2004

It's alive! Alive!!!!

Transformation rituals?

Here is a VERY loose and general outline of a transformation ritual I
suggested to bazaarfox when they asked for help with one. I’m just
wondering what sort of things you all would suggest or recommend for
a transformation ritual in general?

Well, fire is my element so I’m going to give you a basic outline (VERY basic)
for transformation ritual. The idea here is to burn symbols of obstacles to the
self you wish to be. (In your case that would be symbols of whatever you may
perceive as standing between yourself and your "foxitude.") You would get a
censor, pot, and cauldron, whatever tool/s you like to use. Myself, I’d use a pot.
You might want to select herbs for the "kindling" which have the properties you
are interested in for yourself, whatever those may be. (For moon energy I’d
recommend anise seeds, dried iris petals, dried jasmine and some dried
willow twigs and bark.) I’d douse it all in Florida water for ignition because I’m
from the school that believes it has positive energy properties. You can use
some other flammable substance but naturally I don’t recommend gasoline or
anything remotely like it. Stick to alcohol of some kind. Cologne or rum or
whatever. Something that jibes with your instincts.

I’d also get something ingestible such as jellybeans or cookies or whatever.

I’d create sacred space in whatever way I was comfortable doing so and
meditate on my intent while preparing the cauldron and setting out the cookies.

(I’d make offerings to my ancestors the gatekeeping forces such as Legba or
whomever cuz that’s my style. It obviously does not have to be yours.)

I’d set the contents of the cauldron ablaze and one by one-drop the symbols of my obstacles into the flames to be burned away. I’d mediate deeply on the flames
until they burned out. Once that was done I’d hold the cookies in the smoke and
imbue them with the properties of those herbs and the destruction of my obstacles
and what not and once I felt they were properly imbued I’d eat them.

Anyway, that’s just a really really basic idea. This could be tinkered with and altered
to taste. :)
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