June 2nd, 2004

"Mmmm. Big city. Overgrown with weeds, but flowering weeds."

My students and I have been discussing urban energies as
compared to rural energies, how they differ and so on.
(Yep, there’s going to be field trips.) A lot of paganism and
such focuses entirely on rural energies and agricultural
themes and the vast, wild energy of cities goes largely ignored.
That’s a shame because cities have enormous amounts of
really unique and powerful vibes running through them and it’s
a pleasure to work with once you get the knack.
(Good shielding and grounding skills are a must.) I do poorly
in crowded shopping malls, on rush hour subways and other
places where’s there’s just too damn much input, most of it
stressed. However, I have friends who thrive on the NYC subways
at anytime and well they should, I can recognize the energies there
and some of it is very interesting. Urban areas also yield up a lot
more dead people than rural areas do and that adds to the multi
ethnic/cultural/flavored energy stew that is your average city.
NYC and New Orleans are two good examples of cities that truly
throb with wholly unique signatures. Anyway, I’m wondering if
anyone here has thoughts on the whole rural energy/urban
energy comparison thingy. ;)
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