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Friday, May 28th, 2004

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To Guard Or Not To Guard? That Is The Question.
When does one know when to guard and when not to guard?

That is a serious question to contemplate.

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Is the role of guardian strictly passive? When does one use cold logic over instinct?

Why does one seek to 'save the world' when that is an excercise in futility?

Current Mood: contemplative
Hey all
Ok, I joined this a while back and have just been kind of lurking ever since. I figured now was just as good a time for an intro as any, and I'll combine the story behind my only tattoo of the moment as well.

Hmmm... gaurdians huh? Well, I guess I was "called" if you can call it that, sometime around 9 years old (Im 19 now). I dont know if I consider myself really a healer or what, but I know I have an affinity towards it. Everyone I know has always told me that I have a healing personality and a calming presence, so I guess it would just make sense for me to lean towards this end of the spectrum.

Currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada and trying to figure out what I really want to do. I was an English Literature major at the University of Nevada, Reno... but Ive seriously been considering changing to pyschology. Ive wanted to help people with mental health since elementary school, and I was into forensics and criminal pysch. LONG before CSI became so big. But... yeah. Thats me in an entry. lol. Now, tattooness...

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"Quite a tale it is, too. Full of ribald adventure."
I'll be inflicting my tattoos and brief stories behind them on you all
periodically as I post them in various forms. :) Feel fre to do the
same sort of thing in return. ;) I have over 70 tats so rather than
write some huge thing I'll just do them a few at a time periodically.

1. This is a tat I got for one of my spirit guides.
2. Got this to symbolize the angelic aspects of my being and all that lofty crap.
3. Looong story. Got it 9/12/01.

Current Mood: mellow

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