May 27th, 2004

"Men have become the tools of their tools."

Those nifty tools. Hm. What tools do I use anyway? I have all kinds
of crap tucked away in drawers or sitting on shelves or hanging on
the wall or whatever. Most are only needed on occasion. Like a
special baking pan won’t get used for every meal.
I’m usually the only tool I need.
I guess if I had to choose the ten tools I use most often they’d be as
follows. (In no particular order.)

1. Music. I use music a lot. Who doesn’t?
2. Candles. Scads of candles. Fire is my element and all that.
(Kitsunes don’t HAVE elements bad, evil fox!) ;) It’s not my "kitsune
element" so relax fox purists, it’s just my element regardless of
species and such. :)
3. Oils. I’m a big one for the oils and the potions and what not and
that inevitably leads us to #4.
4. Herbs.
5. A bag of teeth, human and otherwise. Used for divination.
6. Cards. Also used for divination.
7. Bag of dice, also used for divination. (6 sided and wood.)
8. Big honking knife. Used for cutting the very occasional item which
needs to be cut. (NOT animal. I have not received hand of the knife.)
9. Small wooden doorway locked into an altar.
10. Lament configuration box built by a loved one.

OK, so what are your tools? (If you use any.)
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I stumbled across this LJ forum and thought that I would join. I have an interest and some actual experience in gaudianship.

Name: Aristotimos

History: I have been picking up and putting down paganism since I was 12 or 13. At 22 I was put on the path for good by a lady who would eventually become my teacher and HPS.

I have been practicing for six years come this October. My primary focus has been with plants, hoodoo, ley lines and queer centered ritual writing and mysteries.

I just wanted to go ahead and introduce myself. :)
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  • lupini

Whoops...forgot the intro!

Denise from Wisconsin here--sing it with me...
"Cheeseheads, cheeseheads, roly poly cheeseheads..."

Besides the schtuff on my user info page, I often end up protecting, helping, healing role. Catalyst is the word I often get from "The Posse." There are several areas of my city that I'm currently working with on healing.

Otherwise, I can't think of a darned thing to say, and the 4-leggeds of the canine variety are wanting to go out and patrol the neighborhood. Oh...I guess that would be guardian work too!