May 24th, 2004

"He's a role-model. You'd think he'd leave a decent note."

1st of all, am imbecilic shout out to hercrassness.
I’m really glad to see you here. :)

2nd of all, I just want to thank everyone who’s joined so far
for doing so. I hope this will be an interesting place to be.
I look forward to yammering away about all this guardian
stuff. I look forward to folks yammering right back at me.
Whoever yammers the most gets candy.

On that note here is one of my random questions;

Who if anyone, is your "spiritual role model?"
(Ghandi, your high priestess, your grandmother, anyone.)

Curious as always. :)
(And yes, I will get around to answering this question my
own self.) :)
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