May 21st, 2004

About guardians part 1. :)

tigerman asked some really good questions.
1. If I may ask, what is this 'guardian calling'?

OK, that is subject to interpretation and I'm not sitting here claiming to be the
grand high poobah of all things guardian. Generally speaking I think it covers a
pretty wide assortment of people. There are spiritually minded folks in the world
who guard shrines or forests either as part of a defined order of people or working
solo on some kind of instinct. There are folks who do house cleansings and
banishings for people (often free of charge) out of a sense of altruism or
religious/spiritual obligation. There are folks who pursue healing in it's myriad
forms for the above listed reasons. All that and more can IMHO fall under the
guardian path category.

2. What does it mean to you?

It's about feeling a drive from within to aid and protect, simply speaking.

3. What part does it play in your life?

A big one. I'm comitted to the concept and I do my humble best despite my evil
cult o' larp leading ways. :)

4. If one goes down this path, does it preclude one from travelling other paths?

That's a great question and the subject of a whole lot of debates. I just don't know
for sure. That's a "do the ends justify the means" sort of debate and I'm just not
enlightened enough to have a hard and fast answer. I myself avoid controlling,
domination, "black magick" kind of stuff and try in all things to avoid resorting to
the level of my enemy but I am by no means perfect.

5. What's the meaning of community title, Local Guard 404?

There is no deep meaning behind it. I'm just riffing off a union name like local
electricians 404 or whatever. :) I didn't want to get all lofty with the
community name. :)
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Introductions still.

I'm Mopecat. Athiest, feline, angelic, hermetic, bastard. I like math and mice. I teach guitar, play guitar and sometimes get paid for it. As far as the guardian path goes I'm in a sort of intern position for JFBat. On most days I feel like Smithers.
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