May 20th, 2004

"We're going to introduce a new color today: the color Fred."

I’ll just toss the 1st post out here so you all can ooh and aah at
the coolness of the lemonhead emoticon.
Ooooooh, citrusy. ;)

I’m Foxiecrumz and have been feeling the "guardian calling" or
whatever for 24 years. I’m a fox, a furry, a gris gris lady and a
buncha other things as well.
I even have a card in my wallet that permits me to run large amounts
of electricity through another human being, legally!
I work in geriatrics, do insane amounts of housework, author a cartoon strip
and raise kids. I’ve also got about 50% of my body covered in tattoos.
Yeah. Dig it. OK intro over. :)

In a day or two I may even post something really smart and thoughtful
about guardian path magick. (No doubt plagiarized from someone else.) ;)

I figure now is a good time for the goofy intros and such. :)
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just another introduction

Hi; I came across this by way of an infamous
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Hi; I came across this by way of an infamous <lj-user="foxiecrumz"> plug. And I guess it's only polite to introduce myself.

Like it says below the icon, I go by kalhara 'round these parts. I'm one of those damn dirty Lokeans and proud of it; not Asatru, just Lokean. My magical background mostly deals with divination, trance, and meditation. When not getting jerked around by my patron god, I participate in theatre productions (onstage and off), drive around aimlessly, drink coffee, ogle cute girls, and worry about not having a job.

I can't really say that I've done much with guardian magick, or even know much about it; a bit of protection here, a bit of deflection there, kick out a beastie or two and that's about it. I'm interested in learning, though, so I guess this is where I belong.
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