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The Watch Tower

Greetings, Love, and Blessing to all:

The next NY Shamanic Healing Circle will meet on Saturday December 18, 2004

Come join us in a place of peace and hope and healing for our community and ourselves.

The Children's Aid Society
219 Sullivan St. NYC 2:00pm to 5:00 pm.
(Between West 3rd & Bleecker Streets, near Washington Square)
Suggested donation: $5.00 to $10.00
In order to make the most of our time together, we will begin promptly at 2:00 pm.
Please arrive 15 minutes early.

Please mark your calendars. We meet the 3rd Saturday of the every month as follows:

# December 18
# January 15, 2005

In a place of safety and harmony, come and experience the power of the NY Shamanic Healing Circle.

Each month, the Healing Circle opens new doors that will lead you on a path to personal and/or communal healing. Come experience a place to practice healing meditations, find inner healing through breathing techniques, explore the ancient medicine wheel and see how it can effect your lives.

Practice energy work using Shiatsu, journey to the Spirit World, and learn about medicinal plants. Enhance your inner telepathy and clairvoyance with crystals and learn how to heal with stones. Learn how to make prayers sticks and prayer bundles, coup sticks and medicine shields. And most importantly, learn to trust yourselves, for we are all healers.

This month Manuel, will be teaching a mantra meditation and a healing technique using your hands for a healing instrument. This will be followed by a prayerd.

We hope you all wish you a Happy Holiday and a Wonderful New Year!

May your New Year be filled with Joy and Happiness and Good Health.

For further information about this Healing Circle, to sign up for the Healing Circle's email list, or to be removed from this list, please email:
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