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Info From the NYSC

We would like to Welcome Susana Tapialeon to the November Healing circle, I would like everyone to come and meet her. She will be doing a special exercise with us, and will be doing a one-day workshop in December with the NY Shamanic Circle, we are in the midst of finding a date and location; we will keep you updated with the information.

Susana has been working with sound and healings of the voice, for over 14 years. She in corporates the Philosophy of oriental medicine of (Nei-Jing) with Andean melodies and a ceremonial drum. She travels in South America` such as Medillin-Columbia, Cumana, and Rio Caribe in Venezuela, Ecuador, also North America in New York City, she works with World Natural Medical Organization at the United Nation Organization and also does guiding seminars and ceremonies to awaken the melody and voice of the compassionate heart. She does group ceremonial healing, and is a Certified Doula.

Susana is the founder of SAMANA TAKIWASI which is a refuge for the arts and rest. This is a retreat and a bridge among us for intercultural exchange in the arts as a way of healing.

Sweat lodge (Temascal)

Walks to the mountain for a beautiful view

Visits to Papallacta (hot spring waters)

The natural expression of the voice (seminars)

Whale watching

The refuge is located in the Valley of Tumbaco, Quito-Ecuador. Situated at the base of the Illalo Mountain, 30 minutes from Quito.

Susanas Techniques: She works with sound and voice in which she uses special instruments and uses her voice as healing instrument. The following is a summary is about her work.


An invitation to awaken the expression and melody of a compassionate heart.

Leading into a deep understanding on how the voice works and resonates with the frequencies of the universal law of creativity.

Once we reconcile with our inner rhythms and with the help of a ceremonial drum and ocarinas (clay whistles) we will get in tune with the inner melodies finding reminiscences of ancestral sounds that are part of the natural flow that connects into our body.

Dynamic corporeal of sound melody and words that awaken the authentic expression of the heart and it brings us to an awareness of a revelation helps us find a memory an old ancestral force and walks up the four passages of our heart which enables us to live a life of plentitude and a realization of our dreams.


Sound and silence is used for reparation; it awakens the sense and fountain of life; A corporeal consciousness of release of tension and inhibition. It reflects in our health, as it impulses the energy in our bodies and builds up our defenses. Sounds, reestablishes a natural rhythms, creativity, building up our self esteem; this in turn liberates energy that is stagnant in our emotions, which helps states of depression, anxiety, and to keep our spirits young.


Hope everyone can make it to our Healing Circle, and a small reminder of cloth size 18x18 or larger up to 25X25 and you natural fiber string, with your medicine objects and three items that represent the past, present and future.

Blessings to you everyone and may we all walk in beauty.
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