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The NY Shamanic Circle’s invites you to our

6th Annual
Shamanic Gathering in Central Park

Sunday, October 10th

The Great Hill
(bet. 103rd-106th Streets - enter from the west side)

1pm - Sunset

Join our earth honoring community and celebrate the spirit world.
Come drum, sing, dance, journey and shapeshift with indigenous shamans.

Melvin Betsellie -Dinè (Navaho) from the four corners
Sunshine Eagle -Bolivia
Inki Hanti - Ecaudor
Joe Monkman - USA
Alessandra Belloni - Italy
Ben Hume - Sacred Music

Please bring food & non-alcoholic drinks for potluck picnic.
Also bring a rattle/drum, a notepad and pen/pencil, bandana & blanket.

The event is free/donations. Children are welcome

For more information call Itzhak Beery 212-533-0909 (9-5pm)
or e-mail <>

Visit our website:

The NYSC is a group of seven that have practiced shamanic healing and journeying every week for since 1997. We work and study with Native American elders, shamans from the Amazon’s Shuar tribe and Quechuan shamans from the high Andes of Ecuador and Peru, Brazilian rainforest in addition to many other teachers. The group holds 3 monthly free Open Circle events, (General, Women's and Healing Circles) where we teach the shamanic path. The group organizes shamanic workshops and healing for visiting shamans and is also involved with teaching shamanic journeying to high schoolers in the area schools.

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