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25th September 2007

faekitty711:44pm: Time of the Yote
Coyote rules my head in the autumn.  He announced his return by replacing the waffles I get from Fresh Direct every SINGLE week with a package of frozen corn (I'm allergic to corn). 

Sigh... It's going to be a long and funny Fall season.  

7th December 2006

tigerman11:47pm: December 2006 NYC Shamanic Circle EventsCollapse )
runwiththestorm12:25am: Random thought
So, it was recently mentioned to me by someone very close to me that he doesn't think that I could stop doing this, even if I wanted to. That it's become such a part of me, that to put it down and walk away would be tantamount to destroying a part of myself. Not sure what I think/feel about it, but I'll admit to having to give some grudging thought to the possibility that he might be right.

What about the rest of you? Are you stuck, could you walk away, would you ever want to?

X-posted to my journal, tossed up here to get wider input

21st November 2006

jfbat12:49pm: Yule/Circle Alert
FK and I are hosting our annual Yule Circle and holiday party at our place in Rego Park, Queens, NYC on Saturday, December 9. The circle will begin at 5pm, the party will get going at 7pm. You may show up for one, or the other or both, but keep in mind that if you’re there for the circle, be prepared to participate: spirituality is not a spectator sport.

Please RSVP ASAP so we know how many folks to expect. Send an email to jf_bat@yahoodotcom or faekitty@yahoodotcom, and we’ll send you instructions on how to get to our house. You MUST RSVP if you intend to come (if you’re bringing a group, you may RSVP for everyone.)

Bring food and/or drink.

Bring a prezzie for the grab bag.

Looking forward to seeing people there!
Current Mood: Festive

25th January 2006

blueeyesblazing3:46pm: Intro
HelloCollapse )
Current Mood: calm

10th November 2005

tigerman12:21am: November Shamanic Events 2005Collapse )

28th October 2005

tigerman1:15am: Halloween Fair 2005!Collapse )

12th October 2005

tigerman12:26am: October Shamanic EventsCollapse )

12th September 2005

tigerman10:20pm: Special Woman's WorkshopCollapse )

10th July 2005

lupini11:08am: Self-testing technique
Just thought I'd put out this site for a decent self-testing technique when checking if supplements, etc. are appropriate or not.


I've always had a problem with trying to test for myself (while in stores, etc.) since most of the tests have to do with force being applied. Using this technique, I started going around the house, testing supplements, household products, lotions, etc. I had some *very* interesting results in that things that I took for granted as being good got a resounding "no". Several of them were blends, so I may go to a store and test the individual ingredients and see if there wasn't something specific that is contraindicated, since I felt like it was doing some good.

What they don't mention in this page is what it means if you get no reaction--which I assume means that the item isn't good or bad, so use it if it pleases you.

Just another tool for the "Keep them Healthy" toolboxes out there.

crossposted to healers_circle

8th July 2005

runwiththestorm10:53am: BBC news article
X posted to my own journal...

Every day I lose a bit more faith in humanity...


That's just disturbing.

2nd July 2005

runwiththestorm7:24am: Spread this around, if you would
This article is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen...but there's an email address for the apartment complex on the linked page if you look at it. Let's let the owners know how the public feels about crap like this.


X posted to my journal, _survivors_, localguard404
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